ukashWe were a little taken aback when we heard that a online gambling payment solution had chosen to start sponsoring their own races at racecourse in the UK, for whilst it is not unheard of for online betting companies to sponsor races this is the first time we have heard of a money transfer service doing the very same thing.

The very first race they will be sponsoring is the Ukash Mares Bumper race at the Cheltenham racecourse, and it would appear the aim of this race sponsorship is a brand awareness type of operation and one in which they hope online gamblers will show some interest in the Ukash offerings and start to use it as a means of funding their online betting accounts.

Many people are blissfully unaware of what Ukash actually offer, and whilst they have been around for many years now the numbers of people actually using their product has not grown as much as Ukash obviously would have liked them too!

Ukash is a simple and highly secure way for any online gambler to be able to send money instantly into any online betting site in fact it is not just betting sites that you can use Ukash at for their product is also accepted at online bingo, poker and casino sites.

How Ukash works is relatively straight forward and is going to appeal to people who are not happy to use their credit or debit cards as a way of funding their online gambling, Ukash offer a prepaid type of voucher system, and you need to visit any shop in the UK which displayed either a Pay Zone sign outside their premises or a Pay Point sign.

You then need to ask the shop staff for an Ukash Voucher and let them know the value of the voucher you wish to purchase, you then pay them that amount of money in cash on the spot and they will then print you off a 19 digit Ukash Voucher.

Once you have returned home all you need to do is to then log into your preferred online betting site account, select the Ukash deposit option, enter the amount of your voucher and the 19 digit code and instantly the voucher will be validated, and your funds will then appear, in real time, in your betting account. It really is a convenient and cost effective method of funding any online gambling account as you will not have to pay any purchase or processing fees to use Ukash online!

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Posted on: 13th November 2013 by: Gary Beachley