Tony McCoyIt has of course be a very long time in the making but Tony McCoy who was mentioned in our list of top jockeys for October 2013 has finally made it into the record books thanks to a record breaking total of 4000 winning rides, and this is one hell of a major achievement for this Irish jockey who has been right at the top of his game for many years now!

It was yesterday at the unremarkable racecourse at Towcester that Tony McCoy rode his 4000th winner getting his mount up in the dying strides to take not only the prize pot of the race but also securing his name in the racing history books.

The horse which enabled Tony McCoy to get his name splattered all over the sport racing papers today was Mountain Tune, and as the race panned out it did look like McCoy would have to wait a little bit longer to get his 4000th career win, however with his usual steely determination and his sheer power he took the race with just half a length to spare.

The odds on Mountain Tune was 6 to 4 which was probably a lot lower than ho have been on offer if McCoy had not be riding it yesterday! It is true to say looking at the closing part of the race McCoy’s usual riding style was showcased to the world for he did have to work on the horse to get it to pass the other one who had looked an out and out winner until the final half furlong!

One thing that we are going to be able to virtually guarantee is that Tony McCoy will continue to bang in the winners for the foreseeable future for he has no intention of giving up the sport he loves, and as such if you like the occasional flutter on the horses then it may pay for you to stick to betting on any horses he is riding in the coming days and weeks.

Let us hope that in the coming years we are reporting him getting his 5000th winner, as one of the world’s undisputed greatest jockeys his sheer determination and riding style will ensure he is also going to remain up there are the top of the list of racing legends and as is always the case when betting on horses you should always follow the jockey, trainers and horses in form and McCoy is most certainly a jockey in form!

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Posted on: 8th November 2013 by: Gary Beachley