Horse Racing BettingAs the flat racing season is now well underway in the UK, we thought it would be a good time to give you a run down on which horses running over the flat have so far accumulated the most amount in prize money.

With this in mind below are the top 10 flat race horses currently in the UK based on the amount of prize money each of them has won up until July 24th 2014, of course as the season progresses the following figures will change, but we will keep you updated with a progress report later in the season!

  1. Australia – This horse is currently leading the way and has so far managed to accumulate a very impressive £831,018 in winning this flat season!
  2. Slade Power – There is quite a gap between first and second place and Slade Power has so far earned a very respectable £586,949 in winnings.
  3. Night of Thunder – Third on our listing is Night of Thunder who has so far managed to win a total of £348,720.
  4. Kingman – Not far behind the above horse is Kingman who is not doing too badly in regards to winnings earned form races this flat season and the total won by this horse is £343,439
  5. Kingston Hill – Next on our list is Kingston Hill who has managed to win prize money so far this flat season of a large £320,820.
  6. Taghrooda – Another horse that is doing very well this flat season is Taghrooda, the horse may have a very strange name but there is nothing strange about the £320,412 in prize money so far won this season!
  7. The Fugue – The Fugue many be another strangely named horse, but with a total so far this season of £303,803 in winnings and plenty of time left to increase that total we may see this horse bagging even more money as the summer goes on!
  8. Mukhadram – This horse has so far managed to win a total of £283,335 in races run over the flat.
  9. Rizeena – The ninth top earning race horse running over the flat in the UK so far this season is Rizeena who has won a total of £255,663.
  10. Sole Power – The tenth best horse in regards to winnings achieved over this year’s flat season as of the 24th of July 04 is Sole Power, a horse in form and the total amount of winnings win is £249,524.

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Posted on: 24th July 2014 by: Gary Beachley