SingaporeSingapore’s Government has issued an online bill that is set to criminalize online gambling punters, operators and agents who are found guilty of providing online gambling to citizens.

According to the Gambling Act 2014, the online bill will prohibit all online and telephone betting unless done by operators that hold a valid certificate issued by Singaporean authorities.

The new bill is aimed at blocking citizens to access illegal gambling sites including ISP blockades at which if the citizens are caught accessing these legal sites, they will be penalized with fines up to $300,000 and seven years in jail.

In addition, the bill also aims to clock gambling promotion and advertisement within the country’s boundaries as well as protecting the underage citizens at which stiff penalties will be imposed on persons aged under 21 years.

Financial institutions and local internet service providers have been urged to clock access to certain illegal sites so as to choke the flow of cash to and from these illegal imaging providers. Failure to comply will result in these institutions being fined up to $500,000. However, the institutions support the proposed legislation and ABS supported the legislation by insisting,

Any blocking requirement imposed must be operationally feasible and not result in undue regulatory and operational burdens.

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Posted on: 29th September 2014 by: Gary Beachley