Royal London - One Day CupJune the 26th 2014 is the start of the Royal London One Day Cup and below we have listed the odds of all of the teams that are taking part in this annual event, and alongside each of them are the best odds we have found on each team to win this event outright.

With time now ticking away until the start of the Cricket Tournament you are best advised to place your bets and wagers on one of our featured UK sportsbetting sites as soon as you possibly can so as to be able to take advantage of the listed below odds!

  • Hampshire – The current favourites for this cricket tournament are Hampshire, and if you are quick you will be able to snap up odds of 11/2 on them winning it!
  • Nottinghamshire – Nottinghamshire are the joint current second favourite and the odds of 7/1 on them winning will attract a lot of bettors.
  • Somerset – The other second favourite team to win this event is Somerset whose odds are currently quite generous at 7/1!
  • Sussex – If you are of the opinion that Sussex will win this tournament then make sure you take the 10/1 odds being offered by several Sportsbetting sites!
  • Middlesex – Middlesex can be had at odds of 12/1 if you do some shopping around that is!
  • Surrey – Surrey are another team whose odds of winning are 12/1.
  • Lancashire – There will be a lot of people who think that Lancashire will win the Royal London One Day Cup this year, and if you are one of these people then do mop up the currently available odds of Lancashire 12/1 on them doing just that!
  • Yorkshire – Yorkshire are currently available at odds of 14/1.
  • Warwickshire – There are a number of sports fans who always like to bet on Warwickshire, and if you think they have a good chance of winning this event then you will be rewarded for your loyalty, if they win, at odds of 14/1!
  • Essex – Let us now turn our attention to one team that may just be worth you placing a bet on this year. This team is of course Essex and should you fancy their chances then you will readily find odds of 14/1 on offer.
  • Durham – If you are a fan of this North East team then make sure you shop around for you will find odds as high as Durham 16/1 on them winning this event, and there may just be some value in those odds!
  • Northamptonshire – Northamptonshire are currently on offer at most Sportsbetting sites at odds of 16/1 to win this event.
  • Gloucestershire – You are generally going to find a lot of Sportsbetting sites have Gloucestershire chalked up at over generous odds of 20/1, so if you are a fan then get your bets placed soon!
  • Kent – Kent may or may not tickle your fancy as a betting proposition on this cricket event, but if you do wish to place a wager on them you will find odds readily on offer as high as 25/1!
  • Glamorgan – Glamorgan do have a large following and many of their fans will be taking full advantage of the 33/1 odds on them winning this event this year!
  • Worcestershire – If you are a Worcestershire fan then do take many of the Sportsbetting sites up of their generous odds of 33/1!
  • Leicestershire – Leicestershire’s odds of winning this tournament are 33/1.
  • Derbyshire – The current outsiders to win are Derbyshire whose odds are currently huge at 40/1.
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Posted on: 16th June 2014 by: Gary Beachley