Prince William & Kate MiddletonMany people all over the world have been caught up in the excitement of the now imminent birth of the Royal Baby that will soon deliver us a new third in line to the UK Crown, and with the Duchess of Cambridge being taken into hospital in London this morning it looks like everyone who has had a wager on today being the birth date of the Royal Baby is going to be in the money!

There are a number of online betting sites who offer punters a very wide and diverse range of unusual bets and wagers, with Paddy Power being an old hand at offering their customers some of the more exotic bets available.

With Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge expecting their first born child this had led to both a flurry of wagers on not only when they Royal baby was going to be born but also what sex the baby is going to be and also the name of the baby!

As the days have been ticking away everyone who had a wager on the actual day of the Royal Birth have been throwing away their betting slips, however with today’s events it looks like if you had chosen the 22nd of July as the magic day when a new heir to the thrown was born you can take a trip to the bookmakers where you placed those wagers and collect your winnings!

There is always a lot of interest in the UK Royal Family and another very popular if not unusual bet placed upon them is at the Royal Ascot race meeting, where the Queen attends each and every day, and bookmakers and betting sites such as William Hill and Paddy Power always have a number of wagers on offer, usually including the colour of the dress and hat Her Majesty will be wearing.

Whilst most people keep their wagers to the actual horses running in the races at Royal Ascot, for those punters prepared to expand their betting range this particular wager can be quite a fun one to place!

It looks like the only wager left to be placed on the Royal Baby is the name of the child, however as this is going to be announced imminently then you will have to be quick off the mark if you think you have a good idea of what the little one is going to be called!

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Posted on: 22nd July 2013 by: Gary Beachley