Many UK racecourses as you will know if you have ever visited any of them, are in remote and often isolated locations, and this often means that getting a signal on your mobile phone or mobile device is often very difficult if not impossible, so being able to place a wager on your chosen horse via your handset or mobile Tablet device is impossible at certain racecourses.

This has led many of the owners and operators of these isolated racecourses to look at installing on race days some form of booster device at the racecourse to enable punters to be able to access mobile betting sites quickly and instantly.

Whilst some racecourses are happy to do this, some of them are looking at only allowing users of their booster service the ability to access their own exclusive betting Apps which will then give these punters much less choice in regards to which betting sites they can access and place wagers on.

This is somewhat unfair of those punters and if this plan goes ahead then you could end up getting poor odds or being forced to use the UK betting services of betting sites chosen by the racecourses, which will no doubt be getting a cut of any betting sites profits from punters using this betting service.

So the only way UK punters can protest at this potentially unfair state of affairs is by voting with their feet, and avoiding racecourse which will not allow you to access a mobile signal and use it how you want to use it, so keep your eyes peels and ears open and avoid visiting any such racecourse that doesn’t open up the airwaves on any mobile booster service!