Greyhound RacingWhen you are in the mood to spend a morning, afternoon or an evening placing bets and wagers on Greyhound racing, it can be quite an expensive pastime. For with there being a race every few minutes, you will need a fairly substantial bankroll to be able to place a bet on each race individually. More so if the dogs you are betting on do not win!

However, many Sportsbetting sites are aware that punters are tightening their purse strings and as such if you are a customer of several of our featured and top rated Sportsbetting sites then you are going to be able to place a brand new bet and this is the Greyhound Trap Challenge Bet, which is a very cost effective bet available on all Greyhound meetings.

The way in which this new bet works is quite simple to understand, you have to pick just one of the six traps that the dogs get released from, and hope that your chosen trap number results in the most Greyhounds winning from that trap!

This bet requires you to place just one stake before the first race gets underway, and as the races begin you will find many betting sites will change the odds on offer to reflect just how many dogs are winning from each respective trap!

So should you have a much reduced betting bankroll today then by placing this bet you can hopefully have a full days betting for a one off stake, and as such will be hoping that your chosen trap number results in the most greyhounds winning!

You may already be aware that at certain Greyhound Race Tracks some of the traps do have a slight bias, more so when the weather is inclement, and as such do some research before you place one of these bets for some traps at certain tracks do have more winners when the weather is wet or dry, and if a large number of favourites are running from one particular trap it may pay dividends for you to place a bet on the trap they are running from.

The odds do of course vary depending on which dogs are running from which trap, but this is certainly a bet to consider placing as it does offer great value and is a lot of fun and could result in a large sized winning payout if your chosen trap numbers results in the most winning dogs!

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Posted on: 18th June 2014 by: Gary Beachley