Paddy PowerThere does appear to be something of a battle going on between sports betting sites in regards to what their mobile betting apps all have to offer, with several Sportsbooks opting to offer standard types of betting apps there is a growing number of sites that have chosen to design and release their own unique type of betting apps that will give the customers of these sites a more unique type of mobile betting experience.

One of the world’s leading sports betting sites, that being Paddy Power have just launched a brand new mobile betting app and what makes it completely unique and different from all others that are available at most sports betting sites is that it is totally configurable and as such you are able to tailor your own unique mobile betting experience when using the Paddy Power mobile betting app!

One aspect of sports betting that can be very time consuming is in regards to when you are looking to bet on a favourite sports team or horse if you are a fan of horse racing, well now you will not have keep on checking the sporting press or the days betting opportunities online to see if your favourite team or horse is playing or running today for you can set the app to send you a message whenever your team or favourite horse is schedule to play or run today!

This really is going to allow you to never miss out on a betting opportunity, for there will always be a time when you either forget your team or horse is running or playing on certain days of the week, and as such all that you need to do is to launch your Paddy Power betting app and a message will instantly be displayed upon it alerting you to any teams or horses that you like betting one who are playing or running today!

If you do enjoy horse racing then you can even set the app to alert you when you favourite jockey is riding or when your preferred trainer has any of his horses running! Get yourself over to the Paddy Power mobile betting site for that is where you will find full details of how you can instantly and for free download this brand new fully configurable betting app, and it really is going to open up a brand new world of betting opportunities if you choose to download and use it!

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Posted on: 7th January 2014 by: Gary Beachley