Ladbrokes Android Betting

200% up to £800
£30 FREE Bonus

There is one gambling company who are never afraid of doing things ever so differently than all of their competitors, and one of these companies is Ladbrokes, who have been at the forefront of gambling and betting for decades, and as such if you are hunting around for a brand new way of placing your bets and wagers via a mobile device then we have some good news for you.

Ladbrokes have just launched in a blaze of glory, their brand new Android Betting site, and they have been heavily promoting it on television, radio and in newspapers over the last few months, why they have been doing this is obviously to spread the word and let everyone know that if they have an Android mobile device then they are able to access their range of betting services quickly and instantly wherever they are.

As they have been promoting it heavily it was only to be expected that if you sing up during their advertising campaign and start to use their Android betting site then you are able to pick up a free bet, and this simple yet very effective promotional offer has led to tens of thousands of people to start using this betting site and claim that free bet.

Now would be a very good time for you, if you do of course have an Android mobile device, to become a new customer of the Ladbrokes Android betting site for thanks to that free bet you could get ahead of the game before you are forced to place wagers with your own money, checkout their website for the terms and conditions of this bonus along with a step by step guide of how to use their mobile betting site and how to claim their free bet!

Benefits of using the Ladbrokes Android Betting Site

Ladbrokes Betting AppDaily Bonus Bets – You are always going to find the most generous of odds attached to anything that Ladbrokes are offering odds on, however if you log onto their Android betting site early each day you will find listed many of their daily special bonus bets.

These daily bonus bets have been handpicked by their market makers and to give their loyal customers plenty of winning opportunities you will find the odds have been boosted on many of those betting opportunities listed.

So if you are an early bird and fancy taking advantage of and mopping up some of the most generous odds each day then fire up your Android mobile device and head on over to the Ladbrokes betting site as you are enjoying your breakfast to take advantage of them!

Fast Winning Payouts – When you win at Ladbrokes they are not going to string you along and hold onto your winnings for any length of time, for by visiting their easy to use and user friendly banking interface you can request your winnings and account balance is sent back to you via any method offered.

As soon as you click on the withdrawal button and make a request to get paid those winnings are then sent for processing immediately and will then be sent back to you usually the very same day, and this has ensured that Ladbrokes have earned a reputation as one of the fastest paying online betting sites around, you win, they pay it really is as simple as that!

Plenty of Additional Betting Opportunities – It is not just sporting events and sporting fixtures that you will be able to choose to bet on when you are using the Ladbrokes Android betting site for they also have a wide range of unique and novelty type bets and wagers on offer.

So if you are sat there watching X Factor or Big Brother and you fancy one of the contestants to win then do log onto the Ladbrokes Android betting site for they will offer you all kinds of odds on many unique betting markets, you may think that it is going to snow in the UK at Christmas time and if so they will event offer you odds on that too!