Channel 4 Horse TrackerThere have been a lot of changes this year on the Channel 4 Racing television programme and a lot of viewers are annoyed that many of the familiar faces have been dumped from the show to be replaced by a new set of presenters.

Whilst it is sad to see their team of presenters, many of which have been on the show for decades leave and be replaced by new faces, there have been some brand new changes in the way the show is produced and presented and this includes some new technical advances.

Horse Tracker App - TtrackingOne of these new technical advances that has been launched is the Horse Tracker App which the team on both the Morning Line and main afternoon racing show have been bestowing the virtues of, so we decided to put this App to the test to see if it is as good as it sounds and is an App worth your downloading and installing on your Android or in fact any type of mobile phone or Tablet device.

The way in which this Horse Tracker App works and operates is simple to understand, the App actually allows you to keep track, via your mobile device any selection you have running in a horse race.

Through an easy to use and understand set of controls you simply let the Horse Tracker App know the race you have a selection running in and the name of that runner.

If you are unable to watch the race live or listen to the commentary of the race you can follow the progress of the runner via this App, having tested it we are happy to report it is a corker of an App and as such we are more than happy to say it is worth downloading!