CoralImagine the scene, you walk into your local Coral betting shop in the mood to place a rather large soccer bet, you pick three teams which you think are going to score at least three goals in the next matches, you fill out the betting slip, hand over your money, the shop employee phones head office to get the odds, they confirm these odds and write them on your ticket, the bet wins but when you go to collect your winnings you are told the odds were incorrect, and you are getting much less back than you thought as winnings!

Well this unlikely of situations happened the other day when a man from Bristol decided to place a large £100 accumulator on France, Serbia and Argentina to score at least three goals in their respective 2014 World Cup qualifying matches.

As is often the case with rather large bets, the shop assistant phoned up their head office to get the bet authorized whilst at the same time getting the odds for each part of the accumulator bet, and this they did and then filled in the betting slip with the odds they acquired from their head office.

The three teams all scored at least three goals in their respective matches, and the hapless punter did the workings out on the odds listed on his betting slip and was very pleased to discover this amounted to over £9000.

As any punter would do he celebrated the win on the night the soccer teams all scored and went to collect his winnings the next day, only to discover the shop staff had written the incorrect odds for the three matches on his betting slip, instead of the odds for scoring three goals they had put the odds for four goals instead.

This meant instead of his expected £9000+ winnings instead he was told he had only won a total of £1,216.67. A spokesman for Coral, the betting shop operator involved, said that whilst they sympathize with the punter there is nothing they can do and his only course of action would be to contact the Independent Betting Adjudication Service and they will abide by whatever the outcome of his complaint is.

Let this be a lesson to you all; make sure the odds you take are the ones on offer for it may cost you dear if you get the wrong odds listed on your betting slip!

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Posted on: 17th September 2013 by: Gary Beachley