Celebrity Big Brother UK 2013If you are a fan of the annual freak show that is the UK Celebrity Big Brother show, then you will no doubt have watched this year’s inmates being placed into the house last night on Channel 5, and as is always the case, many online UK android betting sites immediately opened up their special betting markets and issued a range of odds on the likely winner.

Paddy Power are one of the leading betting sites famed for their novelty betting markets and they were very quick to react to the contestants being revealed, and as such you will find the current odds, as of 23 August being offered at their betting site, be aware as contestants get evicted these odds are going to change!

Quite surprisingly after her rather, in your face, entrance Charlotte Crosby is currently the red hot favourite to take the Celebrity Big Brother crown after just a few hours in the house, other contestants that may be worth you betting on include Abz who is currently being offered at 8/1 Louis Spence who is currently the second favourite at odds of 3/1 and Carol McGiffin who is probably best known as being one of the Loose Women and also an Ex of Chris Evans is currently available at odds of 11/2.

For those of you who like throwing caution to the wind, and fancy placing a wager on one of the outsiders, then you are currently going to be able to get odds of 33/1 on Sophie Anderton, Lauren Harries and Courtney Stodden whilst the big outsider to win is currently Danielle Marr who does appear to have no chance at all of winning and is on offer to win the Big Brother show at odds of 50/1!

The ex Coronation Street due Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwistle are being offered at odds of 14/1 and 7/1 respectively, other contestants worth mentioning are Ron Atkinson who currently has 16/1 on offer on him winning, Mario Falcone is on offer at odds of 14/1, and finally we have Dustin Diamond who has odds of 6/1 at Paddy Power on him winning the contest this year.

As mentioned these odds are going to start to fluctuate wildly as the contest gets underway in earnest and as such we would suggest if you do fancy having a wager on the 2013 Celebrity Big Brother event you get over to the Paddy Power website for their up to the second odds.

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Posted on: 23rd August 2013 by: Gary Beachley