Royal London One Day Cup – Cricket Betting Guide

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Posted on: 16th June 2014 by: Gary Beachley

June the 26th 2014 is the start of the Royal London One Day Cup and below we have listed the odds of all of the teams that are taking part in this annual event, and alongside each of them are the best odds we have found on each team to win this event outright. With…

Today’s Horse Racing 7th November 2013

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Posted on: 7th November 2013 by: Gary Beachley

The weather in the UK is slowly getting worse and having successfully seen of last weekend’s storm, we are pleased to report that today the 7th of November there are several racecourses that have been given the green light and as such a full days racing is on offer! In the UK there are four…

Top UK Race Jockeys and Trainers October 2013

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Posted on: 1st November 2013 by: Gary Beachley

Today we are going to take a look at the top Jockeys and Trainers who have the best ride and runners to win ratio at a range of UK Racecourses, this may enable you to select runners and riders using the racecourse betting app who could add to their tallies in the coming days at…

Tips for Using an Android Betting Sites

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Posted on: 18th June 2013 by: Gary Beachley

If you are new to the exciting new world of Android betting Apps and have been wondering what all the fuss is about using them and if they are worth using then we are going to offer you below a few hints and tips regarding using any Android device to place a wager and we…

Advantages of Using an Android App

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Posted on: 4th June 2013 by: Gary Beachley

You really are going to be in for a treat when you start betting at Android Betting sites as by using this brand new vetting medium to place any and all of your sports wagers you are going to find plenty of additional little extras available to you and there are lots of advantages of…