Barney CurleyOne of racings legendary characters the ex trainer and horse race gambler Barney Curley has apparently pulled off another of his famous betting coups last week for it has been said he made £2 million thanks to the running of four horses which have links to him !

Barney Curley is no stranger to the betting ring with his first coup being the Yellow Sam Betting Coup in 1975 and last Wednesday four horses those being Eye of The Tiger, Indus Valley and Low Key who ran over the All Weather track at Kempton and Seven Summits who ran over the hurdles at Catterick, all suddenly found form and romped home at some impressive odds.

Any betting coup is down to great planning and getting one or more horses that have shown no kind of form previously to suddenly find form and get your money down at the best odds, before of course on and off course bookmakers get wind of high volumes of cash being placed on these supposedly no hopers.

Well this is what did happen on Wednesday with several bookmakers reporting that they have paid out some huge amounts of cash on those four winning horses. As is to be expected the British Horse Racing Authority have said this coup has been brought to their attention and they will take a look into the races that had the four winning horses in them to make sure no skull duggery has been going on!

It has to be said however that it is extremely difficult for anyone to pull off a major horse racing betting coup these days for with technology being what it is any bookmaker or betting shop operator can quickly and in real time see that there is a huge volume of money for one particular horse in any race and they will always reduce the odds accordingly.

Plus if anyone has ever tried placing a very large wager at any betting shop they will know that a big bet is always put under close scrutiny and the betting shop staff usually have to telephone their head office to get the bet authorised and placed.

But it does appear that some form of betting coup has been put into play and we say good luck to those behind it, as long as they have not broken any rules of horse racing then if anyone can legally beat the bookies at their own game it should be encouraged!

The most successful betting coups are always those which go without a hitch and are only every discovered once they have been discovered, however as long as any horse ran to its merits and no rules have been broken bookmakers are legally bound to pay out the winners who have placed bets on those horses.

One way that people will try and outsmart bookmakers when pulling off a betting coup that involves more than one horse is by perming those horses together in a multiple type of bet, as by doing so you can place relatively small and modest wagers on these types of bets which can return some very large winning payouts if all of the horses win and being for small stakes these types of bets will go un-noticed at the betting shop betting window.

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Posted on: 27th January 2014 by: Gary Beachley