Horse Racing BettingWe have found a lot of punters who like a wager on horse races are often quite slow to embrace modern technology, more so in places like the UK where there are literally thousands of betting shops and betting offices throughout the land, where customers can pop in place a bet, pay their stake and then sit back and watch the race run in relative comfort, often being able to grab a free drink and sandwich whilst they are doing so!

Whilst placing bets on horse racing in this way may appeal to some people looking to have a bit of a social event when betting, the staff at these premises need paying, the betting shop rent and power bills need paying and as such the actual odds offered to punter gambling in a Betting Shop are often some of the worst in the industry, which bookmakers often shaving the odds on offer and offering very poor valued bets.

So if you are one of the more savvy type of punters who isn’t afraid of embracing new technology and wants to secure the very best odds on every horse race they bet on, and isn’t too bothered about being able to help yourself to a free drink, then the new way to place wagers is by using an Android Betting App and placing your horse racing wagers at an Android Betting Site.

You will of course first need an Android mobile phone or any kind of Android device to be able to do this, but there are so many models and types of these mobile devices available when you are upgrading your phone then they are quite easy to come by and certainly very cheap to buy, in fact most mobile operators give them away to monthly mobile phone contract customers.

Actually getting an Android Horse Betting App install and loaded onto your mobile phone or Android mobile device is a simple process, and if you do own such a device then all of the reviewed Android Betting sites listed throughout our website have full in-depth step by step guides on how to do this, and you do not need to be a brain surgeon to get to grips with them!

Once you have downloaded and installed a Horse Race Tracker App on your Android device then you will be able to place a wager on absolutely any up and coming horse race in seconds, and often you can secure the guaranteed best odds on that race at odds much higher than nay high street betting office will be able to offer you, so make sure you seriously consider betting via an Android Betting App, those increased odds are really there for the taking!