Let us, via the Android Betting FAQ section below, get the answers to the most asked questions people who are considering using an Android device to bet via Android Betting Apps and Android Betting Sites have.

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding Android Betting are can you place just as many different types of wagers when using such an App that you could say in a betting shop or an online betting site. Well the answer to this is yes, in fact Android Betting sites and Apps are basically just online betting sites that have been configured to work perfectly when accessing them via an Android mobile phone or Android Tablet device.

Another commonly asked questions regarding an Android Betting site is whether they are in fact licensed and regulated in much the same way as a land based betting venue is, well the answer to this question is also yes, in fact most of the operators on these brand new Android Betting sites actually own and operate both land based and online betting sites and venues and as such if you choose wisely, such as options to bet at our featured Android Betting sites then you are going to be in very safe hands.

People also often ask is there just as many different types of banking options available to people using an Android Betting site as there is available at an online betting site, and once again the answer is yes, in fact there is also an extra way to deposit and this is by having your deposited debited from your phone bill! Take a good look at our showcased and highly recommended UK Android Betting sites as many of them offer this feature and it is certainly popular with Android Betting site users.

Another advantage of your starting to use an Android Betting site is that currently there are a large array of special bonuses, promotions and free betting opportunities available to from many Android Betting sites, these are not only given away to new users of these Android Betting sites but also to loyal regular punters, and as such this is a great way for you to find extra value whenever you fancy placing a wager on any worldwide sporting event or sporting fixture.

Please have a really good look around our website as there is a lot of information contained within it and if you do own any type of Android device then you can be betting in seconds!