We decided to launch and make live our Android Betting Sites website as the team here enjoy the occasional wager and as such after looking around for various ways we could do this we learnt that many long established land based and online betting sites are offer an new betting platform and that is the Android Betting medium.

With punters around the world always eager to be able to bet on a wide variety of betting opportunities then we found that many of these new Android Betting sites offer punters not only a new way of placing their wagers but also offer additional little extras to allow punters to get maximum value from their bets and wagers.

This is why we set up the website and over the coming weeks and month we will be expanding the information and articles on this website to include even more new Android Betting sites and Android Betting Apps. We hope you enjoy your visit and if you want to see any additional information added to our website then feel free to get in touch.